Saturday, June 02, 2007

Grimace - One More For The Road

With the exception of the second picture, all of the following shots are of Brenna in a mellow mood today and yesterday.

This will be my last Brenna posting until I return from Hawaii next weekend. I'm leaving out tomorrow morning via Las Vegas and unless I stow Brenna away in my carry on luggage, there won't be any way to post any new pictures of her for a the short term. I will, however, try to brighten your next few days with some picture of the islands (if time permits, I have a busy schedule ahead of me visiting customers). I'm hopeful on Friday before I leave Kauai for Oahu that I'll be able to catch a sunset at Puhio beach, crossing my fingers.

I've spent my Saturday working, packing, cleaning house, etc. I did take a little time to join Emily and Brenna at the city pool, a perfect afternoon for it, overcast and not near as hot as it could have been. I'm actually looking forward to five hours on a plane where no one can call me or wake me up.

Getting on with things, these next two pictures are of Brenna looking out the window at the birds feeding in the yard.

These next two are of Brenna enjoying her new Taggie blanket that Grandma and Grandpa H sent her. She's VERY excited to have this!

"Wow! Look at all of these tags!!!"

Two shots of Brenna dropping a pile driver on her skank-a-ma-doody doll. Called an "Ugly", it lives up to its name... Brenna seems to enjoy it.

And finally, one last shot of Daddy and baby, whom I'll miss VERY much while I'm gone.

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