Saturday, June 09, 2007

I Should Be Checking My Work Mail, But....

This will be my last blog from Hawaii before I return home. Fear not, I'll be returning again in July, hopefully with a more consistent wireless connection from the hotel lobby. I'm sitting at the Honolulu airport right now waiting for my 11:30pm flight to Oakland, connecting to Phoenix sometime Saturday morning. I am SO glad to have finally gotten rid of my suitcase, after having to check it through security three times today.

My credit union visit in Kauai went well, there were so few things that the customer wanted to go over that I was left with an extra two hours to drive around the island until my flight back here. I was given a free upgrade to a convertible Mustang, which was a nice treat. I never bothered with dropping the top, since I figured it would be a two man job to latch it shut again, but ended up having to wrestle with it anyway. As I drove along during the afternoon, the wind whistling through the car began to get slowly worst until eventually the top popped open when I ran over a bad spot in the road. Thankfully I was able to catch it and latch it back down without injuring anyone or myself.

Somehow I managed to drive the entire southern portion of the island from Lihue over to Waimea, and took some pictures of Niihau, the forbidden island, before coming back. I would loved to have gone back to Waimea Canyon, but didn't have the time. On the return trip, I went north of Lihue to a couple of waterfalls, neither of which I can remember the name of, or how to spell them. One of them I think was Wailua, which was at the end of a winding road, similar to Akaka Falls over on the big island. The main difference is that this falls was inundadated with wild chickens. Matter of fact, there were free range chickens everywhere on Kauai, even in the parking lot of the credit union there was a rooster on the sidewalk, squawking (or clucking, or whatever roosters do). The other falls started with an O, had about a dozen vowels in the name, and a few apostrophes for good measure. Both were equally enjoyable.

And here I sit, too tired to do anything productive like catch up today's work email. I'll have to work Sunday to catch up on everything, so why bother at this point, right? Four more customers coming on board on July 1, a total of 14 projects for me to complete in the next three weeks. I am forcing myself to take the 18th and 19th off to do some things around the house, I'm looking forward to that. I was told after this July trip that I'll be going to Colorado Springs in September, and Olympia, WA in October. Joy!

I'll post pictures of my final day on the islands upon my return home this weekend. I've enjoyed my time here, but am very ready to go home, even if now it's only for three weeks before I come back here.

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