Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's All About Me!

Sorry again for the disappearing act these past five or six days. I'll try to make things right by posting a plethora of new Brenna pictures, and hope to have some videos uploaded soon as well.

This past weekend of course was Father's Day, and to commemorate my first with Brenna, I have posted a few pictures of us spending some quality time together.

This picture is of me opening a digital rain gauge that I got from my parents (yes, it does rain every now and again, and now I don't have to walk that painful 50 feet out the back door to read the plastic gauge that's out there, whew). Brenna is enjoying the box, by far her favorite part. She thought it tasted horrible.

In this next shot I'm doing my best Brenna impression, posing for the picture. There are NO candid pictures of Brenna these days unless you're VERY sneaky. You'll see as you continue scrolling that this picture is bordering on prophetic.
And hey, we got a new couch. After a year of sitting on one that a mouse had lived in, we thought it might be good to make a switch. Maybe Emily will one day share the story of me scaring her half to death pretending the mouse was still in the couch as I pulled the cushions off of it. I took a pounding from her, but it was worth it for the reaction I got.

Later that same day, and case in point, Brenna was playing with a TV remote I had given her, and she immediately dropped it when she saw me coming with the camera. You'll just have to imagine her wielding that remote like a sword, waving it around over her head and bellowing like a wild animal.

And here is Brenna doing her best Brenna impression. A striking similarity to my pose just a few hours earlier. She kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye (if baby's can do that), to see if I was coming back with the camera. If she saw me picking it up, the remote got dropped and the arms went up.

I have to admit, the crack in those banana nut muffins must have been of extremely high quality. In this next picture I appear to be showing my daughter how to use a butter knife, and I'm not quite sure why it pangs me so to do such a thing. Brenna is watching that knife VERY carefully.
And where did this couch come from? Oh yes, I'm posting in reverse order.

Ah, the yumminess that is a nut muffin. Brenna is having no part in the theatrics at this point.

Finally, a normal picture with Brenna providing stock pose #23, as seen earlier.


Anonymous said...

the brenna pose is very striking - the new way to vogue???

-kate, the hottie from mn

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

She is very fancy like that!

Anonymous said...

Oh Brenholio, you're so silly. <3