Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Running Out Of Macadamia Nuts

If there's one good thing coming out of my leaving town again on Monday, it's that I get the opportunity to replenish my dwindling supply of macadamia nuts. For whatever reason these delectable treats have not recently been giving me crippling heartburn, and I'm taking advantage while I can by devouring them by the handful.

It's still hot. My God is it hot. 114 is what my back porch thermometer says. I finally finished my planter this past weekend and probably lost five pounds of sweat in the process. Here is the semi-finished product (still need to paint three sides of it). If I built a top for it I could probably put the Ark Of The Covenant in there. I should probably reserve gardening news for the Hoes blog but besides this project, there's not much else to share about the yard. It's hot.

Moving inside, here's another semi-finished project. We got a rug at Wal Mart the other night, and a few throw pillows. Our next chore is to blow up some pictures for that lonely frame on the wall, and add some others around it. Another vague movie reference, that chaise on the end of the couch reminds me of that land speeder thing that Obi Wan and Luke tooled around in in Star Wars. What a rube am I that I think "These aren't the droids you're looking for", every time I plop down there.

Finally, what you've been waiting for, some new Brenna pictures. These were taken before we laid that carpet out.
I need a haircut.
And Emily still exists, she seems to be taking all the pictures lately.

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Christine said...

I love that couch!

Also, your planter (and Brenna also) looks great!