Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brenna Bath Time!

Below are a couple of pictures of Brenna bath-time from the last few days. Emily has figured out that wearing Brenna out in the tub at night makes getting her to sleep a lot easier. Our little girl now has three bottom teeth and has one coming through on the top, Emily thinks this is why she's not sleeping very well right now.

More exciting news, Brenna is very close to crawling, she pulls herself around on the floor to reach things and is trying very hard to pull herself up on mommy and daddy. She's also feeding herself crushed pieces of Cheerios, most of them are ending up in her mouth.

I finally bought more tape for our video camera, so hopefully we'll be posting some new updates from it soon.

ALSO, check out the Hoes site, I'm finally posting some blooming flowers there. Even despite our 107 degree weather, things are still growing out there!

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