Monday, June 04, 2007

I Haven't Stopped Sweating Since I Got Here

Day one has gone well, two customers visited, seven to go. Thank God for GPS, I would never have found either one without it.

It's humid, big surprise. The hotel is open air, like they all are here, I'd imagine... the elevators are like saunas and I curse having to wear pants during the day. It's rained about eight times today, all light misty stuff, which is a nice break from the heat.

I don't have my regular image editor with me, so the pictures I'm uploading are huge, my apologies. Below is a beach right across the road from the hotel, looks very familiar to the beach we could see from our Hotel about twenty years ago when here. Next one is of a huge banyan tree down by the beach.

The Burger King here has a Spam Breakfast Combo, no kidding.

Good day.

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