Monday, June 30, 2008

It's All About Class

As you may recall from yesterday's underwhelming blog, we took most of our remaining CDs to a local store and obtained enough trade to get Emily a new digital camera, replacing the one that met an untimely demise in a cold December rain outside our rental car at my parents house. I was struck tonight by how quickly photo technology has evolved, sitting here loading film into my Canon AE1 (preparing to take pictures of this summer's monsoons and their associated lightning). It took me forever to just find the film at our local Wal Mart, it was pushed into a back corner, like a forgotten memory of yesteryear.
Anyway, here is a nice series of pictures taken with this new camera, our maiden voyage, if you will.
To ensure the camera could take the rigors of taking pictures of unsightly things, we first tested it last night on me. The lens didn't spontaneously burst into flames, so that was the first test passed. I made the mistake of not changing my shirt before we left yesterday for the store, and ended up going to church last night in my AC/DC "For Those About To Rock, We Salute You" shirt. I told Emily that I could cover the word Rock with a piece of tape with Pray written on it, but that didn't go over too well.

Here's a nice picture of our daughter eating her two favorites, carrots and Mac And Cheese. She's saving some Mac on her belly for later consumption. Mmmm.

I don't think it gets any better than this.

This new fangled camera has a face detection feature that flashes an orange flow into the eyes of the unsuspecting victim, before the flash actually fires and the picture is taken. I can see already that that's going to be an issue with Brenna. We had a few dozen shots that looked like this one, although I have to admit this one makes me chuckle.

And then every now and again the blind chicken finds a kernel of corn, and you end up with a beaut like this one.

And then sometimes you end up with the dark side of Brenna. This one was my fault, trying to keep her back from grabbing the camera.

And finally, the crowning triumph, this one will be going out on our Christmas cards this year.

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Darrick & Melanie said...

Really great pictures! I salute you! Ha, ha, ha.