Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Wanna Hear Your Best Excuse

Five days (or so) have passed since my last update. Where does the time fly?

Anywho, here are a few pictures from our Sunday.
First, here is Brenna playing with her flash cards before heading to church this morning. She's doing much better about being handed off to the nursery workers, not as much vocal protesting as it is slight moaning and twitching in my arms.

And here we are later on in the day. After riding to and from church in 110 degree heat (the air barely has time to cool off on both ways), all bets are off and Brenna shucks her clothes. In this picture she's thinking about the next thing to color, since her body and the tile have already been taken care of (don't worry, it's washable, what are we, idiots?).
Later yet, she's now in her afternoon clothes for going to Bookmans, our local used CD and book store. Over the past year I've been selling all of my CDs, and ripping them to a portable hard drive attached to my computer. I've gotten down to about 80 discs, and we traded in most of them today for enough credit to buy Emily a new digital camera, about 10 DVDs, and at least a fifteen books.
I think in this picture Brenna is dancing to something on the old TV.

Still watching something on the tube, not sure what. Noggin, if I were a betting man.
Hey, if you thought this blog was sub-par, head over to the Hoes and Art Gallery, I'll do my best to underwhelm you there as well. Pray for rain!

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