Sunday, June 15, 2008

At Her Majesty's Request

Here are a few pictures of a new princess towel that Brenna got for bath time. It seems to be a hit, as you can see from the last picture of her looking at herself in the mirror.
I hope everyone had a good Father's Day, Emily's family came over for a little bit after church and we consumed mass quantities of Mexican delicacies (I'm glad to report to Emily's mom that I have laid complete and utter waste to the humus she left here that was to expire tomorrow, and it was fantastic). We cooked a calomonden pie from fruit picked off our tree, and it honestly was about as good as any Key Lime pie I've ever eaten, so good in fact, that I ate two slices and have squeezed enough juice to make a second pie very soon.

On the running front, I've managed two squeak out two runs at a mile and a half in 14 minutes each time. Today was a LOT harder than Friday, it was probably 110 degrees at the time I was in the garage, and it must have taken 30 minutes after I had showered and sat down with some ice cream to cool off, before I finally stopped sweating. Something tells me I need to try and get out there in the morning or later in the evening. I think if the conditions were better, I could easily run two miles, and would like to get to three eventually.

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