Monday, June 23, 2008


Got this in the mail today. This must be the type of thing you start getting delivered to your door when you turn 34.

And to make matters worse, my wife let me take my shirt off at the pool last night during the church VBS kick off party. First, it's a wonder that my farmers tan didn't blind anyone. And second, it's any wonder I'm getting cremation offers in the mail given my apparent physical appearance. Check out the watch line, that's probably the icing on the pasty fat man cake.
Well, at least I won't die of skin cancer of the torso.

Man, it just keeps getting worse. Pay close attention to our daughter, who enjoyed the pool very much.

Here's the best picture, my wife wisely cropped me out.

Moving right along to non-pasty things. Brenna got a cool puzzle set from Grandma and Grandpa H today. She thoroughly enjoyed putting the pieces into the doggie below.
Hey, it finally dipped below 110 today... I think. The highest my thermometer showed was 105, although that was a reading in the shade. The car showed 107 on the way home from church at sunset, so I'd like to think it didn't go over 110. My streak for avoiding the treadmill in the garage is equivalent to the number of days over 110, go figure.

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Melissa Spence said...

LOL My DH has a pretty bad "farmer's tan" from working outdoors...only his uniform is a v-neck polo-shirt. So we noticed in the last pool pics he sports a V tan line near his neck! Maybe not as noticeable as your watch one though.