Friday, June 13, 2008

It's All About The Fit And Finish

Hello there, been a while. With Brenna not feeling well this week, and myself suffering from anal glaucoma (ask us about our inside joke), the posts have been fewer and far between.

Here are a few shots of Brenna from tonight, playing with her Plah Doh. If we leave her in her chair for too long, things start getting chucked off of her tray. This was at the pre-chucking stage.

You may be wondering, "Gee, what have you guys been up too lately?". Well, here we go:

- Effective in August, Emily will no longer be paid staff at our church, she'll be doing volunteer work there, and watching children at her mom's house during this upcoming school year. No need to explain in too much detail WHY this happened, but needless to say Emily is being a trooper about the pending change

- After a two week break from running on the treadmill (tweaked my knee pretty good), I finally got back on it yesterday, and with decent results. I slowed things down to a 10 minute mile, thinking I'd run for distance, but into my 2nd mile I managed to find another muscle to pull, and came up lame on that effort. Today I went with Emily to see the new Indiana Jones movie before we picked up Brenna from daycare, so I'll have to give the distance thing another go tomorrow. And since it's supposed to be 110 here, what better time to shed those ten pounds I've been wanting to drop... instantly

- Speaking of, the new Indiana Jones movie, in my humble opinion, was not nearly as mediocre as the movie "critics" made it out to be. I was expecting to see two hours of going through the motions with recycled story lines, gimmicks, stunts, etc, but was pleasantly surprised with how it all played out. Not the best in the four, but worth the matinee prices to see it on the big screen before it ends up at the crappy dollar theater where everything smells like armpits

- Did I mention it's hot? Well, not as hot as it could be, about 105 today, a little warmer this weekend, and a slight cool off heading into next week. The monsoons should be starting in about two weeks, which leaves me holding the bag on trying to get gutters up on the house to collect that precious rainfall for my jungle of a yard

This blog is subject to change, thank you and goodnight.

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