Friday, July 04, 2008


We went outside (meaning Brenna and myself) to go swinging while the storm clouds rolled in tonight (more on that on the Hoes site), and here are a few pictures of the occasion. Brenna and I talked for 20 minutes about the big, pink, angel baby (statue) in the middle of the yard. Brenna kept asking what the baby's name was, and I told her it's name was angel baby, and the conversation went on like that until I told her it was time to go in. We also discussed the yellow petals, black center and green leaves on the sunflower that came up right by her swing recently. Other topics of conversation involved:

- Being up in the trees. This is Brenna's big thing to talk about when I'm swinging her real high is that she's up in the trees.

- Fast as we go. Brenna constantly asks me to go faster when I'm pushing her, and I finally started telling her that we're going as fast as we can go. So now, she typically skips the faster part of the request and asks me right off to go "fast as we go".

I took a momentary break from pushing her to take some storm cloud pictures (again, please see the Hoes site), to which she eventually asked me "Take Brenna's picture". So I proceeded to do so, and these are a few of them. She was saying "cheese" repeatedly as I took these, very cute.

And of yes, the Dora band aid on her leg is a permanent fashion accessory these days, so you know.

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