Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend 'O' Fun

My, what a weekend we've had since the rain incident of Thursday night.

Brenna got her nailed trimmed, woo hoo! Big times in the city!

Here she is enjoying her lollipop after being good during the toe torture. The Dora band aid is still a fan favorite these days.

And we are lounging afterwards.

On Saturday night Brenna slept in her own bed for the very first time. There was much belligerence for the first 10 or 15 minutes, but she did very well the rest of the night. I officially slept in our new bed for the first time since we bought it maybe eight months ago. It would have been glorious except I pulled something in my back working in the yard and woke up with a shooting pain back there every time I rolled over.

Brenna was jumping on the bed in these two shots, her hair isn't quite that wild on its own.

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Melissa Spence said...

Love the jumping on the bed pics! My DD had that same Dora pillowcase when she first got her big girl bed!