Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Post 'O' Plenty

I won't lie. For a minute I thought about spreading this blog out into two or three posts, since I'm covering a number of subjects here. This would give the "illusion" that I'm working hard to keep you updated on our little lives on a daily basis. But that would just be silly, wouldn't it?
Well, here we go, we'll see how I manage to segue from one topic to the next.
First off, I took yesterday off, and spent my time putting up new blinds in our bedroom, and started painting in our bathroom (carrying the green color over from our bedroom). I couldn't find a decent roller, so I did the old Tom Sawyer trick with a (gasp) paintbrush. What a pain that was. Considering we'll need two coats, I guess I can manage that until I find that darned roller for the second coat.

Anyway, the only thing left in the bedroom is hanging a few more Hawaii pictures, installing a new ceiling fan (when my wife is around to call 911 in case I electrocute myself) and possibly putting another coat of paint on the crown moulding (the unmotivated voice in my head is telling me that the blemishes give it that aged look that's all the rage these days).
I can't figure out how to install the cords on these blinds, so I hope my plants don't mind living the rest of their days in semi-darkness.

That huge palm front on the wall there will double nicely for making pizzas once I build that brick oven I've been dreaming about.

Now that Brenna is sleeping in her own room (three nights running, she's doing so well), this room no longer exists to her. This is the one clean corner of the house that I'll be holding onto with an iron grip.

Hey, anyone like scary looking bugs? This guy showed up on our back porch last night. Emily says it's a Palo Verde beetle. I enjoyed watching him scuttle and fly around... from the other side of the glass. He must have been about three or four inches long.

Ok, so I'm not doing well in the segue department. We're going from things that look like cockroaches to our daughter vegging on the floor. Here are some various lounging poses from the last few days. Pretty soon she's going to be as tall as her mom (ha!).
Be sure to check out the Hoes and Art Gallery blogs, while I'm feeling ambitious I'm going to put some things out there on those sites for your viewing pleasure.

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