Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Welcome back to This Old House. In today's episode, I managed to remove our old medicine cabinet and replace it with some sheet rock bought at a local hardware store. The drywall screws I bought were absolutely worthless, I opted to go with some other wood screws I had laying around. Once we get our hands on a trowel, I'll put the tape and mud up, and paint over it. The new medicine cabinet we bought has a scratch in one of the mirrors, so I'll get to replace that in the near future. In the coming week we'll be buying our new vanity/cabinet and faucet. Emily has cleared out about a dozen (well, not really) trash bags of stuff from this room, so we're about ready to do the old switcheroo. We've also decided to pull the tile out of here and replace it with something more along the color scheme of the bedroom, that'll be next. Stay tuned, I can hardly stand all of the excitement.

Here are a few shots of Brenna at church this past weekend. Apparently they went camping for a time.

And finally, a nice shot of Brenna that Emily took I would suppose after eating her favorite Mac & Cheese dinner. Mmm, tasty.


JLAMWOL said...

Gosh Brenna is such a cutie! I sure miss you guys and hope that you are all doing good! Jason and I and the 2 youngest, Olivia and Landon, are going to be there in September for Kristi's wedding, we would sure like to come and see you! I will let you know when it is for sure! I lovee your blog! Laura

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

I would love to see you guys! Hope you are settling in well at the new place. Miss you too!