Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wild And Crazy Night

Tonight Emily drove into town to do a paid survey thing for the local power company. Little did she know that she'd drive through a typhoon on the way home. Check out the Hoes blog for a snapshot of some of the insane rainfall totals over in Mesa from this evening. This huge storm just missed us to the west (although we got a quarter of an inch earlier in the afternoon), and I'm kind of glad it did, given the wind and hail that probably came with it.
Brenna and I spent some time swinging tonight to kill time, and there were numerous requests for photo ops from her, including:
- Brenna and Diego

- Brenna's toes

- Brenna swinging

- Brenna

- And Brenna and Daddy

About the time the photo shoot was wrapping up, while I was pushing her, she pointed back behind me and started saying "Danger, danger", repeatedly. Sure enough, she was pointing to a wall of black clouds that were looming over the house. Thankfully there was no lightning, and Brenna was tickled silly when it started raining on her, and I had to drag her back in the house sopping wet when it started pouring and she refused to come inside.

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