Monday, July 21, 2008

Would You Like Fries With That?

It would be so much easier on me if I would just post something every few days here so I don't feel like I have to post fifty pictures to make up for lost time. But here I am, catching up for the past week with no updates to speak of (other than that sweet Sean Penn picture of Brenna that I posted yesterday).

I'm happy to announce that for the first time, Brenna slept through the night in her own room. Last night she went down short of 10pm and didn't get up until nearly 7 this morning. When we checked on her at about 6, she had rolled off her mattress and was curled up in the corner of the room like a dog. She looked pretty comfy to me, and it seems easier to have her sleep on a mattress that's 6 inches from the floor than in a bed with a rail. At any rate, maybe it's a coincidence, but I've had more energy today than I can remember in a LONG time. Once I'm done with this post, I'll be heading out to the garage for some torture on the treadmill.

You'll also find an Art Gallery and Hoes update, since I love you all so much.

We're still working on finishing up the bedroom renovation, but in the meantime, here's the medicine cabinet we're putting into the bathroom to replace the full wall mirror that I've loathed since the day we bought this house six plus years ago. I could understand it if there were two vanities in there, but it would have made more sense to me anyway if they put in that room a shorter mirror and some extra cabinets on the wall for storage.

And here is our filthy bathroom, partially painted to match the bedroom. We're getting rid of those horrible "Showgirlesque" lights for a more appealing fixture. Once that's done we'll start scraping up the funds for the storage rack that Emily saw at Lowes, and a single vanity/cabinet combo that will take up a fraction of the floor space. We'll then move on to replacing the peach tile in there with something that matches the rest of the renovation. Just in case you were really wondering.

And what do we all think about crown moulding in a bathroom? Part of me thinks it would make sense as the bedroom has it, but then is the room too small for moulding (5 feet by 10 feet)? A question for the ages.

Moving onto things Brenna related. Sorry, all I have to share today are more Brenna in the swing pictures. Brenna has taken a shine to the angel statue in the middle of the yard, and calls it the pink angel baby.

She also regularly points out that the angel has no pants on. Or in her language "Pink angel baby no pants".

Here we are admiring a sunflower that refuses to die near her swing.

And a few more pictures in the general vicinity.
I could keep typing, but at this point I better get up before my shoulders seize up on me. Might be hard to run with my arms by my side.

And finally, for your final consideration, this weeks CD of my choice, Diamond Head's "What's In Your Head", a fine album from the band that started much of the NWOBHM (new wave of british heavy metal) in the early 80s, a huge influence on Metallica and others. I really dig this album, despite the fact that they've joined the ranks of other bands, sharing their opinions on the war in the Middle East (Iron Maiden and The Cult have also chimed in with their two cents). Why can't these melon heads stick to what they know best, making good music, and keep their hats out of this ring? If you can't support folks doing their jobs over there, you may as well not say anything at all, in my hat-nearing-the-ring-itself opinion.

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