Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Here

A quick update, below is Brenna watching her favorite movie, Monsters, Inc. She requests this every night when she gets home, hums the opening tune, and "says" all of Boo's lines when she comes on. On occasion, she'll sit through the entire thing. We're sporting a neat holiday outfit in this shot, as well.

These pictures probably belong on the Hoes blog, but I've already updated that one with a few yard shots, so here you go. A few sunset shots from a few days ago.
In other news, I've ridden my new bike around the neighborhood the last four afternoons, and have logged a little over 15 miles (says my odometer). The tires on this bike are narrower than anything I've ever ridden, and I'm still a little shaky riding on sidewalks and navigating turns, although I'm getting better. I don't think this bike will suffice for an off-road trip over to Emily's parents, but that's an excuse to buy another one, ha!
Also, after months of neglect, the bathroom renovation is moving forward. I'm doing some simple things in there right now, like patching holes, painting baseboards, etc. I laid the last few vinyl tiles I had, slowly moving into the toilet room, where all of the old tile has been lifted, saved for where the commode is sitting. This weekend I'm going to cut the power to the house and see how much slack I have in the electrical that runs down to the old light fixture. With any luck there will be enough play to move the power over about a foot to a false stud I'll be putting in where the new fixture will go. It's getting kind of old taking showers in the morning by the light of the toilet room. I'll upload more pictures from this project once I have something substantial to share.

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