Monday, December 29, 2008

New Brenna Video

This is a greatest hits of Brenna vid that contains lots of goodies in just six minutes, including:

- Brenna singing Jingle Bells, but using "no" for every word in the song (she knows the words, but was being funny)

- Putting her babies to sleep, singing them a lullaby complete with a mixture of her own song and the VeggieTales theme song ("Go to sleep/Dream a dream/Cauliflower/Half An Hour/Veggietales")

- Singing about Thomas The Tank Engine

- Telling daddy that eight is great, and five is jive, as taught to her as we were going through Fresh And Easy the other night, naming off the numbered aisles, one through eight

Enjoy, and keep scrolling, a photo blog from today has also been uploaded.

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