Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Christmas Carnage

For the time being I'm going to forego a post-Christmas blog. I have at least a dozen pictures to upload and comment on, so in the spirit of being fat, dumb, and lazy, I'm going to go for something easier tonight. Thanks for your patrionage.

Continuing my green steak, rather than figuring out how to get my old office desk to the landfill, I decided to saw it into numerous pieces and reconstruct it into what you see here. I've fastened this Frankendesk to the wall in the garage, and will be using it for additonal storage/organization. Don't be too impressed, if it were not for anchoring it to the wall and weighing it down at the base with an 80 pound bag of mortar, this thing would fold like a fat man sitting on a house of cards.

I typically try to post blogs with a similar theme, and keep it to three of four pictures that fit that theme. This one simply didn't go with anything, unless I wanted to blog about pirates. At any rate, here is a cute picture of Brenna and her Mama from recent days.

Cousin Rachel came over today to keep Brenna company today while we cleaned our house for Saturday's Open House. Here are a few shots of them palling around. Rachel was a huge help with Brenna, as well as helping me grocery shop, and dropping off our recycling.

If you were wondering how many lemons we harvesting this year, check out the Hoes blog!

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