Thursday, December 04, 2008

Reading With Brenna
There's no way to segue from talking about religion on Monday to drinking a bottle of Abita Beer on a Thursday, so I won't even make that effort. I was very happy to see I still had a bottle of Louisiana's finest in the frig, although I noticed it had a Best By date of 1/12/08. In the end, it doesn't matter, it's the best beer I've ever had, hands down. I haven't drank much of anything alcoholic in the last three or four years, but whenever Emily and I are near the Lucky 7 Liquor store on Higley and Main in Mesa, I have to drop by and pick up a six pack of Purple Haze. Abita's corporate website ( doesn't show a retailer of their product within 100 miles of our zip code, but yet my Indian friends at Lucky 7 for some reason stock it, and have offered to order other flavors for me, God bless them.
I think I've finally found a bike shop online that still has the Dahon Boardwalk folding bike. Crossing my fingers, I should have it by Monday, and later that week will perhaps be peddling my way over to Emily's parents house (about ten miles one way) to catch a ride home after she gets off work. For those not in the know, we traded both our cars about a month ago for a 2009 Scion Xb, so I'm now stranded at the house until Emily gets home each night. Since running on the treadmill lately has done nothing but tear my feet and ankles up (I'm running more than 3 miles at a time now, and think my shoes are not made for longer distances), getting back on a bike after 20 years is very appealing to me right now. In my what seemed like never ending quest to find this bike, I've spoken to people in Chicago and Los Angeles, and a few other assorted locations trying to find someone that still has it in stock.
Here's another horrible segue for you, here are some pictures of Brenna reading with me last night before bedtime. I'm torn over getting a haircut, eventually it's going to get cold(er) here, and all of that nap on my head might come in handy. As long as it's in the 70's, and I'm running in the garage, it's more of a nuisance.
Brenna loves this Messy Room book, we read it just about every night at least once. I'm doing my best to instill in her the importance of being neat and tidy.

I've read this book so many times I can do it now with my eyes closed.

And here Brenna is looking at the other books in this collection.
Check out the Hoes blog if you're interested in seeing green blooming plants in the dead of winter, I've posted some new pictures there.

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Anonymous said...

That was one of my favorites as a kid too - nice choice, Brenna!