Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
(The Making Of A Christmas Card)

It dawned on us that today is the 9th, so we might want to get started on our holiday card for this year. I don't recall us even doing one last year, so give us a E for effort, if you will.

There were probably thousands of pictures taken tonight in an attempt to capture Brenna at her cutest, and here are a few of the finalists, both by herself, and group shots.
First, my test shot, egads, what was I thinking. That'll never make the card, maybe exorcise some demons, but not a Christmas card.
I went for the stately look here, but this one didn't make the final cut. I thought everyone from the South posed for pictures like this.

Here's the "getting Brenna to smile shot", but instead it's the "I look like a 'tard" shot. Very nice, but not card material.

Finally, a nice one of Brenna, who finally began to enjoy herself when we put her on the pool table.

And yet another decent shot in her new Christmas outfit.

And finally, coming to a Christmas (perhaps holiday, depending on the timing) card in your mailbox soon. What will probably/maybe be the final shot. I'm so noncommital.

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