Monday, December 08, 2008

A Non-Brenna Post... Yippee!

My folding bike arrived today, my search is finally over. I practiced getting my balance by rolling around the house for a while this afternoon, and then bellied up and headed out the door. I'm happy to report that after not ridden a bike in nearly twenty years, I managed to stay off the asphalt and actually rode around for about thirty minutes. I'll definitely be investing in a better seat, the one that came with the bike was a smidge hard.

Here's a picture of the bike, 20 inch wheels, no gears, and a hand brake, pretty simple, but a piece of cake to ride around in our flat neighborhood.

And here it is folded up, this will easily fit in the back of our car. I probably rode around at least for a few miles this afternoon, so ramping up to nine miles to ride over to Emily's parents should be easy, short of finding a safe route over there.

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