Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something For Everyone

This blog has a little something for everyone.
1. For the person that likes home improvement stuff.
I'm finally moving forward with getting lighting into our bathroom again. After crawling around in the attic all morning, I gave up hope of finding any slack in the line that runs down to the light box. However, as luck would have it, there was enough slack in the wall already to move the box over to the false stud I built today. I have a piece of sheet rock cut, and as soon as Brenna is through napping, will be covering this hole, laying spackle, and installing the light fixture. Exciting times!

I've also started laying tile into the toilet room, and am about ready to read up on how to drain, lift and re-install a toilet, so I can tile what's left. If I can get past the electrical part of this renovation, the plumbing should be a piece of cake (ha!).

2. For the person that doesn't give two rips about anything but Brenna.
Here she is posing in front of our tree, holding a giraffe, one of her favorite animals.

And a close up of her.

3. For the person that misses the Brenna Art Gallery
Here she is working in her new favorite medium, chocolate pudding. My, the creations that can come forth from a tub of pudding. Brenna indicated that she was putting on sunscreen., when asked what she was doing here.

4. For the person that's freezing to death in some other part of the country, and wishes we'd be stricken by the same fate.
Sorry, while these two are wrapped up on the hammock in this picture from this morning, it was 60 degrees when this was taken, and is 70 now.
Another gardening update on the other blog to follow, a few pictures of the pomegranates at their peak color.

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