Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When A Camera Isn't Handy

It's been a long time coming that I'd get a phone with a decent camera built into it. There have been many an occasion over the years, especially now that we have a small child, where something worth taking a picture would come up, and there'd be no camera on hand.

Not any longer. And now I can post damn near anything I feel like here because of the overflow of phone pictures that I have.

Here are some shots of Brenna's first swimming lesson. The small child is still getting used to going underwater, but after two lessons she's already getting the hang of it.

And how can you go wrong taking a picture of your small child posing with a plastic dog at Old Navy? I honestly would be embarrassed to whip out a real camera for such a thing, but here I can steathily pretend to be checking my messages on the phone and wham!

And finally, Brenna as a dog is priceless. Thank you cell camera.

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