Friday, July 08, 2011

Making Up For Lost Time

Although I have no complaints about my new free phone upgrade that I received last month, I'm quickly discovering why it was indeed gratis. Apparently Microsoft discontinued it over a year ago, but Verizon has brought it back from the dead, minus some of the features I was thinking were going to be on it. Nonetheless, for a free phone, the camera on this thing is pretty nice, 8 mega pixels to be exact. Below are four pictures I took on it of Brenna's recent haircut, and the quality is on par with what our normal digital takes. Unfortunately, since this phone used to upload photos automatically to a social network that Microsoft no longer supports, and it doesn't support upload via USB cable to the laptop, the only way I can get photos off of this thing is to email them to myself. Four photos down, 42 to go. One other really nice feature is being able to access the Internet where free wi-fi is available, and not have to pay Verizon for a data plan. You can't beat that with a cheap, obsolete phone.

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