Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Introducing Shaky Jake

A while back Brenna went to vacation bible school (the first of two, she's attending another one this week). At the end of the week the wee little ones got on stage (or in front of it, as the case may be) and did their thing in front of the parents. Emily and I thought we were being smart hustling down to the front row so we could get some cute pictures of our child dancing, doing the hand motions, shaking their money maker, whatever.

What we ended up with were numerous pictures of Shaky Jake cutting a rug in between us and our child.

Seriously, the kid was breaking out so many fierce moves the camera wouldn't even focus on him. He was just THAT fast.

Almost seizure-like. Don't get me wrong, I dance like a 5 year old hopped up on too much sugar, too.

Not that I ever did this in my single days, but he almost reminds me of the drunk guy at the dance club that's dancing too close to the ladies because he's lost all concept of personal space. In this shot Brenna appears to be ignoring him, looking the other way despite his sweet rollin' on the river moves. Notice again that he's the only one out of the group that's not in focus.

I finally started leaning into the aisle to try and get a clear shot of our kid, and this was the best I could do.

Emily went so far as to get in front of the kids here. Brenna's waving at her.

After the performance, Brenna showed us one of the classrooms that had a dingy in it. She's sporting a cool newspaper hat here. And that's all I have to say about that.

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Janice said...

That is too funny. This happened to me twice in a row with Ruby. You just want to get up and move the kid lol.

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