Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Emily and I left the small child with her favorite Aunt Beth on Sunday so we could drive down to Tucson to take in a Reverend Horton Heat show. While we were at it, we stayed the night.

The first thing we had planned when we arrived at the hotel on Sunday was to go swimming. The weather had other plans. Here is the view from our room. It was nasty. Good old monsoon season.

Here's where we took in the show, the Rialto, a seventy year old theater that's in the process of being renovated. Renovated meaning there were no seats at floor level. Those darned old pesky seats would have gotten in the way for the people in the mini-mosh pit near the front of the stage, anyway. Gabby, I love you, too.

The famous Hotel Congress is located across the street. We had dinner there and took advantage of their public facilities. TMI, sorry.

Swingin' Utters opened for the Reverend. Yep, Swingin' Utters. We'd never heard of them, and the lead singer looked to me to be about twenty, but apparently he's older than us. This was the only shot I took of them, testing my camera phone without the flash. We were on the rail right at the stage, and had a great view of this dude stomping around, whipping the mic cord around like a whip, and head butting the stand. What a character. The Reverend sure knows how to pick his opening acts.

I took a lot of blurry shots like this one. The camera took decent shots as long as no one was moving. Very unlikely that that's going to happen much during a show like this. The Reverend was up in our grill on numerous occasions such as this, and Emily got a wink or two from him.

Here's a slightly better shot of the infamous guitar solo whilst standing on Jimbo's bass. Superb, I never get tired of that trick.

And one more shot here for you. I took about sixty pictures, but most of them were a tad messy looking. Still, not bad for a camera phone.

We haven't sold our child to the gypsies, I promise some small fry pictures in the next post.

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Aunt Frances said...

Looks and sounds like tons of fun. Lori adores the Rev and tries to see him whenever he's here. I'm sure the lovely Miss Em enjoyed her winks. Love and hugs to all.