Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick Sunday Update

Hello to all. It's another beautiful 70 degree day here in sunny Arizona. We had a fun weekend together. Here are a few shots of Brenna in her church clothes, posing (sort of) for the camera. When time permits, I have oodles of new videos to upload, just have to track down the Sony software for transferring to the PC, since we got a new computer a few weeks back.

The dress Brenna is sporting below was a nice find by Emily at a going out of business sale at the mall back around Christmas. She liked it so much she wore it all day (until she got her dinner all over it, that is).

Here's another angle, and killing two birds with one picture, in the background you can see our deck, freshly painted to match our kitchen cabinets, by yours truly.

And finally, a neat shot I captured tonight while Emily was at a church meeting. Get the kid laughing and you might get something good now and again, like this one. Look at all those teethies!
Check out the Hoes blog, something new there, too!

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