Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back From The Beyond aka Las Vegas

Ron and I are back from our little day trip to Las Vegas. Spent part of the day at a gun show, a little bit of time on the casino floor, and general wandering around (who knew there were so many guns, wow). We had a nice visit with Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom, and are very appreciative of their hospitality!

While I was gone, Emily as busy taking some Brenna pictures, which is nice since I was fresh out when I left. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

Brenna lounging.

Brenna sleeping in our bed (she's been having some coughing issues, but is feeling better now - notice the crossed leg, pretty funny).

And Brenna regressing.

One of these days, as sure as there are feathers on a chicken, I'm going to find my camcorder software so I can upload some new video. Brenna pretty much refuses to be read to these days, she insists on reading to me, and does a decent job of relaying what she's memorized from some of her shorter stories. She's also very funny when she gets fixated on something, especially when I figure out later what she was talking about. Case in point, this morning straight out of bed she started asking for chocolate milk with a cow on it. I had no idea what she was talking about, and Emily guessed it was a carton of milk at her mom's house. When I got Brenna to the frig, I offered her milk she already had in her blue sippy cup, and that set her off ever worse. She insisted that she had milk with a cow on it. As it turns out, after she and Emily left for daycare, I found behind her blue sippy cup an chocolate milk container, sure enough, with a cow on the front. I didn't even know such a thing existed in there, but apparently our daughter with the steel trap mind remembered it.

We've also taught our back seat driver that in addition to red meaning stop and green meaning go, that yellow means slow down. Within a day of telling her this, Brenna was yelling "yellow means slow down!" as I rolled through a borderline yellow/red light while coming home yesterday. I think she's going to make an excellent traffic cop when she gets older.

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