Friday, January 23, 2009

The Mind Of A 2+ Year Old

While I've been doing well this week with uploading lots of recent pictures, my commentary has been lacking, and for that, I'm terribly sorry. You see, earlier this week my wife dragged me (somewhat kicking and screaming) into the world of Facebook. In a matter of two days, I've already had running conversations online with people I haven't seen nor heard from in twenty years. Stress not, however, faithful blogging audience, I'll continue the good fight here and will not shirk my responsibilities in bringing you the finest in Brenna pictures and stories.

Speaking of, here are some recent shots of our daughter and her fascination with gourds. Um, yes, gourds. I grew these a few years ago, and she just loves them.

In other Brenna news, she's been having some digestion problems, and starting tomorrow we're going to start pushing prune juice, fiber cereal, and anything else we can get her to eat. Emily came up with a fabulous cookie recipe that's egg-free, and loaded with prunes, AND they actually taste very good... Brenna loves them! Score one for the mama!

A couple of quick Brenna stories that come to mind.

1 - She has a Counting Elmo book that has all of these nifty lift tabs with different scenes of the characters doing various things. On one page, they're all in a garden, and from day one Brenna notices that Bert was sitting on a park bench, seemingly watching everyone else do all the work (Ernie is pulling up carrots, Big Bird is picking tomatoes, it goes on and on). Every day for weeks when we get to that page, she'd always ask me "What's Bert doing", so I finally gave in and told her that Bert's sitting on his lazy butt. So now, you can imagine the first thing out of her mouth when we get to that page. I've also taught her to tell Bert to get a job when we get to that scene, and she cracks up every time she tells him that. So glad I'm being such a positive influence on our child. If there's a Father Of The Year award, I must in the frontrunning.

2 - Tonight while she was waiting for Wow Wow Wubzy to come on (since she's memorized Noggins' nighttime programming schedule), Emily was trying to convince her that she had to sit through one more (boring) episode of the Wonder Pets before Wubzy was coming on, to which she replied, matter of factly, "That doesn't work for me".

Where this child comes up with some of her phrases just astounds me (I also like "I'm okay with that"). Her favorite continues to be "I'll do it myself", but this other one came completely out of left field.

In other random news, I've finally conquered my fear of riding my puny, folding bike 10 miles across town to my in-laws house. A few months ago we traded our two cars in for one, since I work from home, and honestly don't need any more distraction from work (ahem, Facebook) than I have already. The idea behind the bike was to ride over to Emily after work so we could eat together, I could throw the bike folded in the back of the car, and ride home with them. Well, once the bike was delivered, and I saw how narrow and lacking in traction the tires were, I was a bit concerned, since there is a lack of sidewalks on some stretches of the route. At any rate, I found a way on Tuesday to get over there without endandering myself, and limiting the off roading. Today I repeated the route, and got to ride the last mile or two in the rain, nevermind the fact that there was NO forecast for it at the time I left the house, where the sun was out. Go figure. The bike, in the end, appears to have been a good purchase, and this is a nice alternative to running on a treadmill in the garage all the time.

I think I've shared enough here to tide you all over for a week or so, ha! Have a great weekend.

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