Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't You Know Who I Am?

Okay, sorry, another obscure lyric from a band you've probably never listened to (Metal Church). I've been doing this for over two years now, my originality on the subject header is waning.

Hey, I got some good Brenna shots tonight of her drawing on her easel. Not sure what this thing is, and when I asked her I didn't get a very clear answer (I don't think she knew either). The sun was setting behind her, which cast a nice light. The last shot is of her playing with her music box that Grandparents H got her a while ago. She's figured out how to crank the dial in the right direction to get the music to play.

A few more Brenna'isms from tonight:

- The first thing she told me when she got out of the car tonight was that I looked like Captain Crunch (Veggie Tales reference)

- Later in the evening, she kept repeating "Pajama party time, jumpin' around", from an absolutely horrible song featured on a Yo Gabba Gabba episode

- After bathtime, while playing with her in her room, she kept repeating "Get the sillys out", yet another Yo Gabba Gabba reference.

Emily had to attend a church staff meeting tonight, so I had the honor of spending some one on one time with Brenna, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And before I forget, the tile has been laid in the toilet room, and I've picked up the parts I need to gut and reinstall ye old royal throne. Once done with this, I have a storage rack to put together that will go over it, leaving a few minor things left to finish before the bathroom renovation is finally complete (including installing a new brushed nickel light fixture in the toilet room, and taking a sander to my horrible spackel job over the sink).

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