Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not A Pot To Piss In

The stars have finally aligned, and I can revel in using one of my favorite one-liners in a blog subject. And now, with our bathroom devoid of a toilet, I can even proclaim it to the world. Like many other projects that intimidate me, I procrasticated forever on pulling the can out of our bathroom. This afternoon, for the lack of anything else interesting to do, I finally got around to this. The tank and seat are now adorning my back yard, and I can't be more excited about this. At any rate, here is what the closet room looks like now. As you can see, some painting and tile work are needed before I can get everything back in order. I managed to cut my finger on something hiding under the wax ring, but don't worry, unlike 18 years ago, I did NOT pass out at the sight of my own blood. I was very brave.

In other news, I'll be uploading some yard pictures to the Hoes blog, so check that out, if you care to.
This afternoon I made my third 10-mile bike ride over to Emily's parents, and that went well enough. The four or five miles that are uphill continue to be a struggle, but hopefully as time goes on it'll get easier. Maybe I should invest in a folding bike with gears, could come in handy, but then what would be the point of getting the exercise?
I'm just about fresh out of Brenna pictures, but here are a few more. The first is one of her drawing what she told us were planets on her easel. The second is another shot in her Flashdance outfit, watching TV.
A few more Brenna'isms for you:
- Playing with her shape-o-ball the other night, she struggled with finding the slot where the piece of pie fit. Giving up in frustration, she turned to me and asked "Where does this damn thing go?"
- Watching her 10th anniversary Thomas The Tank Engine DVD that Grandparents H got her for Christmas, she is enthralled by the snippets they show of the real life Thomas engine chugging through what looks like a field somewhere (yes, a real Thomas train exists, believe it or not), and gets giddy when they show it. Last night while we were getting dinner ready, while she was chuckling at the sight of the train, she exclaimed "That's killing me!"
- And tonight, leaving Emily's parents house after dinner, Brenna stated matter-of-factly to me, "I can drive the car, and you can ride in my seat". Ah, if only it worked that way.

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