Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wedding Adventure

This blog is proof that Emily's camera, which got left in my parent's driveway overnight in the rain during Christmas, is still a force to be reckoned with.
Before I move onto the gazillion pictures posted below, a quick update:
- I'm no longer itching, thank you for asking
- Emily is still feeling quite ill, but not so much as before
- The pergola is on the porch (that's not code for anything, sorry) - Pictures to come soon in the Hoes blog
This afternoon we caravaned with Emily's parents to a family wedding about thirty miles north of town, past Saguaro Lake, to a local ranch out in the middle of nowhere.
The flowers this spring are incredible. I've never seen them en masse like this in the six years I've lived here, and Emily's mom indicated tonight that she's never so them this profuse. Below are a few pictures that Emily took from our moving car, you can even see them blanketing the sides of the mountains.

Here is where the wedding was, pretty nice, very big, old trees, a neat little pond, etc. Brenna and I were out in the parking lot picking up rocks during the ceremony.

Here we are tooling around the grounds before we headed for the aforementioned parking lot to pick up and move rocks to various places (this is one of our favorite outdoor activities at the moment).

Some pictures of Brenna with Grandma to follow. I love candid pictures. Brenna had crinkled her nose cutely when sniffing this somewhat rank rose that we were handed, and after a number of times doing this, Emily thought it would be cute to recreate the magic in a photo. This is what she got. I love it. Needless to say Brenna wasn't interested in cooperating, but you can imagine the nose crinkling and whatnot. Becky won't be terribly fond of me for posting this, I'm sure, my apologies in advance, I couldn't resist, it was the medication.

Here's a laid back Brenna playing with Grandma while we waited for the buffet line to start.

Here is Brenna and Emily at our table, with Grandpa Ron in the background.

And finally, you can't close a good blog without a 1 year old holding a knife. Well, a butter knife, anyway. Grandma appears to be very pleased, and/or concerned. I'm voting the later.


SpenceOhana said...

Great photos! Brenna is so cute!

Grandma Becky said...

Remember, I requested only pictures of me that don't look like me. That one picture looks like me drunk.