Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Week Over (This Is All I've Got)

Another week gone by, and the following picture is all I have left in reserve to share with the masses. Brenna received a nifty package from Grandma and Grandpa H, including some summer clothes (which will come in handy soon, it was 87 here today), a Dora Easter DVD, and some other odds and ends, and below is the only picture we managed to fire off for the occasion.

For Grandma Becky, who constantly seems to be in my line of fire for unforgiving pictures of her being posted here, this one is for you. Hopefully now we're closer to being even, and if I can find any other unflattering pictures of myself where I appear stoned, confused, gape-mouthed, or sluggish-looking, I'll be sure to share them asap.

As you can tell, Brenna was none interested in posing with her Easter bag and goodies. But you can imagine the excitement when she watched her new Dora video.

I have some new video of Brenna dancing in circles, almost a line dance of sorts, if you will, and will be uploading that as soon as I possibly can.

Also stay tuned for a Hoes update, the main part of the deck is finally finished (at least flipping the planks over to the good side, I've yet to sand and finish it, but the pergola is anchored now).

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