Monday, March 03, 2008

Baby DUCK!

That Aunt Beth works wonders with our little one at daycare. Last night Emily was changing Brenna (while I stood idly by offering no assistance, filming her, as you'll see/hear in the video), Brenna broke into this diddy about a baby duck that goes quack, quack, quack. Neither one of us had a clue where she had picked that up, but we found out today that this was an Auth Beth song that she apparently latched onto, and with flair.

Listen and enjoy, I got the same serenade this morning when I got her ready for daycare.

And I'm still itching uncontrollably, thanks for asking. The prednazone (sp?) I'm on are supposed to take 48 hours to control things, but in the meantime I constantly feel like my body is in an oven, and I can't stop my legs from shaking when I'm sitting down (I might go for a run on the treadmill later to see if I can break a 10 minute mile now that I'm doped up).

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