Monday, March 03, 2008

Challenges, or Opportunities?

Our sales reps at the company I work for always like to stress that a customer doesn't have issues, or problems, they are simply opportunities; opportunities for us to right wrongs, resolve things, etc. It's a nice way to put a positive spin on a crappy situation, to put it simply. I used this philosophy on Sunday when presenting our church's budgetary deficit, stopping short of doing the timeshare salesman "here's what we need from you" approach, and without banging the pulpit demanding increased giving, which is what we ultimately need to get back into our basic operations, and ultimately ensure that my wife doesn't find herself out of a job.

Anyway, that's the first opportunity in our lives that has presented itself. It will be some time before Emily's paycheck lands on the cutting block, and we're crossing our fingers that this deficit will just "go away".

My, um, opportunities with my skin condition continue to be entertaining, to say the least. After almost 48 hours of treatment, the steroids I'm on have done nothing but increase my itching and make me feel like I'm constantly simmering in an Ezy Bake Oven. It was by no means warm today, and probably for the first time in my life my hands were actually warm, bordering on hot (for those of you that know me, I come with an icy handshake at all times of the year, don't know why, blood pressure issue?). I went to Wal Mart tonight in a short sleeve shirt, and wasn't cold in the slightest walking across the parking lot in 50 degree/windy weather. I also pumped gas in the elements and wasn't phased. It was suggested that I take Benadryl (sp?) for the allergic reaction I'm still suffering from, and will be curious to see if it's warning about causing drowsiness will offset the crack-like effect the steroids or having on me. It's 12:30 am here, and despite only getting 4 hours sleep last night (awakened by the feeling of being on fire at 4am), I feel like I've had 12 instead (if you hadn't figured that by this wordy blog). An interesting side effect of the steroids is that in some people that are allergic to them, the itching actually gets worse. I hope that's not happening with me, and am holding on desperately to the fact that at least the bumps that were spreading all over my body from the mites biting me from the inside of my skin (ewww) has stopped, and are going away.

Hey, take a look at this, our deck arbor is gone. Man it's bright out there now. The four posts for our new wrought iron pergola got blown over in the wind last night, you'll see them laying everywhere on the deck. I bought a belt sander to strip the paint off the deck before I position this thing.

Here's the top, which I'm still bolting together (tightening is the better word, I suppose). I feel empowered to put this together on my own... tonight, but will refrain, even with my new found energy, my arms aren't ten feet long.

Here's another opportunity, to solve the gas crisis and the increasing costs associated therein. I've got this sweet ride in the garage that I think I'm going to start taking out on the road in favor of my gas guzzling Passport that boasts a whopping 17 mpg city. This new ride comes equipped with a sweet dashboard setup (coaster, etc), and it's my favorite color, a sure standout on the open road.

We had a garage sale this past weekend, selling our old bedroom furniture. Believe it or not, this is MUCH better than it had looked in there before the sale. You'll also see the treadmill that I've avoided for the past month. Sickness and other obligations have kept me off it, but I'm going to get back on it soon, I think. My knees can't take the slow running, which I guess is good if I'm going to get under 10 minutes on my mile, but I can't envision myself trucking it at 6mph for ten minutes without my chest and/or legs exploding. I was down to a shade under 11 before I got out of the habit, and that damn near killed me. Stay tuned.
Poor Emily is still suffering from a virus she shared with me three weeks ago, at least that's what she thinks she still has. She's going to the doctor tomorrow to get her cough and sore ears checked out.
You probably noticed (or not) in the right margin that I've installed a new monitor for who's visiting this blog, as well as the Hoes one (new post to come shortly there in honor of St. Patty's Day). This new monitor actually tells me where you're coming from, and how you got here. While the map is interesting, this new monitor gives me a good idea of when friends and family have dropped by. Pretty cool, I thought.
And yes, I promise more Brenna pictures and video will be coming. I mean, how can you beat the baby duck song, anyway?

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