Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where's The Pictures?

Well, tonight I'm working on my work laptop, sans the Brenna photo directory, Just me on a wing and a prayer tonight, no supporting smiles or assorted cuteness from our daughter. Tomorrow after work I'll get some shots uploaded from this past holiday weekend, and will also post a few pictures from your yard (our banana plant is shooting up there, can't wait to hack some tasty goodness off that thing with a machete, hmmm).

Not much point in documenting this past weekend with pictures, since we really didn't do much. Thinking back, here is how this weekend "went down", as I recall it:


Ran some errands, Bookmans, I think, bought a Yardbirds 2CD set, a Black Sabbath CD with Ronnie James Dio on vocals, incredible, and a Spinal Tap CD, just because. I think we probably did some other things that day, but that's the only thing I remember. I'm sure we sat around and played with Brenna, maybe we ate pork chops. Maybe not.

Oh yeah, how could I forget, I had to work at 2am for a project and then worked some later that night. I must have conveniently blocked that from my memory.


We went over to Emily's parents house to feed their animals (they spent the weekend in Tucson), were late trying to get to church, so decided to drive to Phoenix's Bookmans, Baby's R Us and I think Einstein Bros.


Emily took Brenna to the local pool, which opened this weekend. I worked off and on throughout the day, and wrapped up something tonight and now am too wound up to sleep. My body won't be happy with having to come back in here to this PC in five hours.

FYI - I'll be leaving for Hawaii this Sunday, taking the long way via Las Vegas, although admittedly coming back will be far worse, leaving Honolulu on a Saturday morning at 2am Phoenix time, arriving back here 13 hours later (thanks to a layover in Oakland). I hope to upload and post a few pictures while I'm there, perhaps whilst hanging out the window of my hotel room or through the windshield of my rental car (wait, that's not safe, I've NEVER done that before). I should have a little free time and am already researching used CD stores near my hotel and on Kauai. Some cool Japanese imports get traded in over there from Asian tourists.

Enough for now, my CD is wrapping up and my eyesight is getting blurry.

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