Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Sorry, the a-plenty thing is a theme for me today. Brenna's grandparents from Georgia are visiting this week, they were here this past weekend, and have escaped to the cooler weather in Flagstaff, before returning on Thursday night for more punishment (or pleasure, depending on whether we're talking about the heat or the granddaughter).

My day so far:

- Seeing my parents off
- No access to work due to issues on their end
- Finger twiddling
- Lunch
- Finally worked
- This

What's yet to come:

- Putting up laundry, cleaning out the dishwasher
- Cooking dinner
- Playing with Brenna, helping put her to bed
- Going back to work

Music listened to so far today:

- Beastie Boys - Check Your Head - I couldn't resist, if you're going to wear the shirt, you have to listen to the CD. My favorite line from that album, "Just give us some wood and we'll build you a cabinet". I'm not sure in what context this comes up in the song, but I find it funny every time I hear it.

- Flotsam and Jetsam - High - Totally changing directions, my favorite album from this Arizona native band, I'm tapping into this one to power me through this marathon blog.

Given my work schedule the next three days, this may be the only Brenna update for a while. Enjoy.

Below are a couple of pictures from Brenna's outing to The Golden Trough (I mean Corral) after church on Mother's Day. Making the rounds, she visited Aunt Beth... you wouldn't think she'd be that happy to see Beth, whom she sees every day, but Beth has that magic touch to keep her happy and occupied well past the point you would think possible. Here she's bordering on getting irate, but you would know it until now, would you?

Here is a rare Brenna picture with her great-grandparents. Mmmm, blueberry pie.

Back home, here is Brenna with Grandma H. We'll be putting this picture in her Mother's Day gift, a frame that has a recording of Brenna babbling on it. Shhh, it's a secret.

Next is Brenna visiting with Grandpa H. This is perhaps the furthest off the ground Brenna has ever been to date.

"Oh Lord, why more pictures?" Here is Brenna at the Tonto Ruins visitor center, near Roosevelt Lake. I'll post those shots as soon as time permits.

Over at Grandma Becky's house, Brenna is devouring one of her favorite toys, the ever giddy to see Brenna lightning bug.

A candid shot here of both sets of grandparents, taken on Mother's Day.

Brenna really enjoys the following:
- being held upside down
- being pushed really fast in her outside swing
Below is evidence of the former.
What seems to be missing from this blog? Hmm, perhaps a shot with Daddy? Out of the perhaps hundreds of pictures taken from this past weekend I found two of Brenna taken with me on the couch. I used to joke with my cousin Bill, who's a smoker, that most pictures he takes were taken with what we both called the nicotine hand (aka "the shakes"). The two pictures taken of myself and Brenna on the couch were taken evidently by the nicotine hand, so I have opted not to post them here. Oh well, more photo ops abound, sure as there are feathers on a chicken.

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