Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Guess What? More Brenna!

Below are a few more pictures of Brenna from the past week, including....

A close encounter of the Brenna kind on the couch. Emily took about twenty pictures of her during this "session", this was one of my favorites.

Brenna hanging out with her glow in the dark faced Pooh Bear (least of all Winnie the Pooh).

Here we're preparing to ship Brenna back to Georgia to visit her grandparents whom she misses already. We thought we'd pack a change of clothes with her, just in case she needs them.

Back in the swing again, this is one of Brenna's favorite places to unwind these days, and with it seasonably cool right now (only 90 degrees!), the nights have a nice nip to them, perfect for swinging! She enjoys rocking the swing by pulling on the ropes and likes to swing sometimes without hanging onto anything, her arms in the air. Our little daredevil.

And finally, for those of you new to the blog who are wondering who this Darrick fellow is that I referred to in yesterday's posting, below is the infamous cougar killing shot. This was from when Brenna was a wee two weeks in the world. If you're a regular follower of ye old blog, you already know that Darrick and Melanie had their first little one a few months ago, below Melanie is still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Alexander.

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