Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where's Darrick?

Last time we met, Darrick mystified us with his elaborate signing, perchance telling us about the time he killed a cougar with his bare hands, or possibly explaining how to construct a nuclear bomb out of turpentine and rubber bands. Whatever the case, I'm disappointed to report that not only did we not capture him on film during this recent visit with he and Melanie, but he alluded the cameras altogether! Maybe fearing he had given away too many trade secrets, he opted to go incognito this time around.

Whatever the case, below are some pictures of Brenna meeting her cousin Alexander for the first time. Notice there was absolutely no eye contact between the two, speaking for Brenna, she appeared to be transfixed by the camera (unlike Darrick!).

Oh, and for good measure, because I know you've missed them, I've posted a stoned picture of myself from an otherwise pleasant group shot of the family.

Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom are in the last picture, they also came by on their way back out to the high seas.

CD Of The Day: Silkworm's Blueblood, a fine band out of the Chicago area, this is one of my favorites. Great songwriting, including my favorite, "Who wants to fall in love with a whore, not me, less you, least of all Winnie The Pooh". Hmm, put that on my tombstone when I die, profound. Methinks it would be worth my time to start my Metal School blog back up....

Good day.

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