Friday, May 04, 2007

Brenna Leftovers

While Emily and Brenna are sleeping, I thought I'd scrape up some shots that I haven't posted yet, or simply overlooked the last time I posted.

By the way, my roses are still alive... of course it hasn't stayed over 100 degrees long enough at one time to destroy them, yet. I had four blooms on one stalk earlier this week, that was exciting.

We're supposed to have nice weather the next two days, low 80's and windy, with clouds, perfect time to drag these 80 lb bags of joint mix out of the garage and start replacing the gravel I used between the flagstones out back. I thought that they wouldn't get kicked up too much from foot traffic, but didn't think about the effects of dragging a hose across it to water the yard. I have NO clue what I'm doing when it comes to this project, but I suppose the end result will match our back porch that I built, and the uneven flagstones I laid.

These next two pictures are of Brenna at church this past weekend. The first she's sitting with Grandma Becky and cousin Rachel.

Zzzzzzz... what I could stand to be doing right now. Ah, but so much music to catch up on, and so little time...

Finally, Brenna doing her best Hawaiian Aunt Jemima impression. Makes me hungry for some waffles.

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Darrick & Melanie said...

Mmmm . . . waffles. That head scarf is the best!

And AMAZING roses. Wow.