Sunday, March 11, 2007

This Week With Brenna

I've barely managed to get a blog posted before the weekend... again. Our weekends are action packed these days, I apologize for not getting something out here sooner. Between running errands and entertaining our girl, all of a sudden it's Sunday night again.

Brenna is cutting a tooth and has been having issues with sleeping recently. Don't know if they're related, but we've had to go the extra mile recently to keep her down during the day for long periods of time. On Friday night we had to drive her around, which we haven't done in over a month, and today she gave in to sleep while being pushed on the back porch in her swingy chair (pictures of video of that to come later).

Other Brenna related updates:

- She is getting chattier by the day, and enjoys hearing herself screech
- She has not mastered rolling over from her belly and dislikes being asked to do such
- After coughing for real, if Emily asks her is she's okay, she'll fake a few coughs and
chuckle or grin. We're trying to catch this on video and will post it when we can.
- Things that make her laugh: any interaction with her belly (chewing, zerberts, etc.), and
Mommy shaking her hair at her.. again, trying to catch this on video

Below Brenna is getting a handful of stinky old dog hair and tugging ferociously to see what dog tastes like. Good natured Tazi is just happy someone is paying attention to him.

I wasn't around when these were taken, but it would appear that Brenna is practicing some wrestling moves on her Stitch doll.

Brenna here is humoring Mommy while she smooches her on the cheek. Drool included.

A final shot of the finger chewer and Mommy.

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