Friday, March 16, 2007

Lost My Way This Bloody Day

I can't tell you first off how happy I am that this work week is over. I have been assigned nine credit unions in Hawaii to work on for their electronic service installations, and have spent the last two days on the phone for six plus hours asking the same questions over and over and... well, I'm happy to be typing and not talking.
Tonight Emily and I are having a semi-date night at the church watching a showing of some movie about Esther (One Night With The King I think it's called), while Grandma Becky watches our daughter. We were hoping to go to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow, but the forcecast high is 95, so we're probably going to swap off the baby and clean our house. My office for one is littered with weeks of accumulated granola bar crumbs under keyboards and wildly discarded staples and paper bits strewn about on the floor under my desk.

I've added a nifty little tracking map on the blog site, something I stumbled across on a site of one of cousin Christine's friends, and as you'll see, in the last two days we've had visitors from some interesting places. I know who the folks are checking in from the southeast, the Ohio area, and perhaps even the New York state area, but I have NO clue who is represented by the red blip in eastern Australia. Whoever you are, show yourself, I'm curious.

It's official, I'll be going to Hawaii the week of June 4th, so perhaps while I'm there I can put a little red blip on the map from there, greetings from Paradise and all that (right, it's only Paradise if you're NOT working while there).
Below are a few pictures of us over at the grandparents last night, celebrating Becky's mmphhh'th birthday. Below she's inspecting her sewing machine case she was given, unaware at the time that she was getting a new machine to put in it, heh heh heh. Like last week, this picture is brought to you cheerfully and respectfully by Voivod. You'll be seeing a lot of this shirt until it rots off me.
In the next picture here, Uncle John is trying to appease Brenna by tickling her toes. I haven't been around much to witness this, but apparently Brenna is not a huge fan of Uncle John, but this night things went peacefully and there was no screaming of projectile vomiting involved.
I honestly don't think Emily could have crammed more smiling faces into this picture, well done and bravo!

Ah, my daughter takes after me when her picture is taken, I couldn't be prouder. I need to start a photo album of stoner pictures, what a hoot that would be.

This is what I was trying to capture, although I couldn't get Brenna to smile here.

Again, and finally, Emily seems to be the only smiling person in this duo.
I'm happy to announce that there were only two spelling errors in this post, that's an all time best!


SpartanWife said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Becky!! I do know the bleeped out number :-) Everybody looks good and happy. Wish I was there helping celebrate. Have fun in Hawaii Tom, be sure to go to Motsimoto's shaved ice in North Shore. I will be so jeaulous!!


Sue said...

Australian is probably a friend of Christine's who checked you out from her list of friendly blogs.

Aunt Sue

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Good to know, that's cool