Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brenna Road Trip!

Well, if 15 minutes from our house counts as a road trip, we went on one Saturday morning. Cousin Tyler was in a season ending Lacrosse tournament, and we watched him play for as long as Brenna could stand to be in the sun (about an hour, it was already in the 80s when we left).

Cousin Rachel is saying hello in this first shot, as Brenna gets settled in to watch the action on the field.

Here is Tyler on the field, pondering his next move. He appears to be on the defensive end of the field when playing, don't know the name of his position, this honestly was the first time I've ever watched the sport in person, and admittedly was intrigued.

"Hmm, guys blindsiding each other, beating on each other with sticks with wreckless abandon, I could learn to like this sport"

Brenna continues to take in the action as Rachel and Beth (Tyler's mom) cheer the team on (they finished second overall, losing only their last game/match/scrimmage/scrub of the day).

Finally, Brenna continues to ponder the importance of Lacrosse in the United States, and how the sport can thrive in the midst of other major sports such as football, baseball, and basketball.

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