Monday, March 26, 2007

Brenna's Roadtrip

We made it back safely from our two-day travelling road show to Las Vegas. Brenna did very well, riding for an hour and a half to two hours at a time before needing out of her seat, fed, changed, etc.

Below is a calmer moment, aptly labelled "This Is How Brenna Rolls" on Emily's Photobucket account.

Here we are arriving at the Kingman hotel at 1am Saturday morning. The four and a half hour drive from our house took about two extra hours with the Brenna stops. We got her to calm down and fall asleep around 2:30 that morning, and got up at six.

I'm not sure what Emily's artistic vision was on this shot, but quite honestly it looks like I'm getting ready to relieve myself on the floor.

The next picture is of Brenna and all of her stuff that we had to bring for our two day trip.

Here's Brenna entertaining herself briefly on the floor of the hotel room. She pulled the overhead bar to the ground so she could get a closer look at her animals.

Below is the wedding we went to, it was in a little wedding chapel off the strip in Vegas. I was busy bouncing an irate Brenna in the parking lot, this is honestly the first time I've seen this picture. I'm told the service lasted approximately three minutes and the person conducting the ceremony was possibly an ex-showgirl, although that's purely speculation.

After the ceremony Saturday afternoon, we arrived at Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom's and had to drive Brenna around the town briefly to get her to calm down for the night. Once we accomplished that, she slept for almost four hours at a time and didn't get up until well after seven, perhaps the latest I've seen her wake.
Below are a few pictures of us visiting on the back porch, Brenna was somewhat cranky the majority of our brief visit, but here's what we got on film (well, digital, you know what I mean).

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Darrick & Melanie said...

Thanks for posting photos of your trip! Congratulations on surviving that long of a road trip with Brenna. I'm sorry to hear she's had a double ear infection. Ow! Hope she's doing better now. Certainly looks like it in the Ren Fair photos!