Monday, March 05, 2007

The IKEA Of All Posts

I somehow managed to not get around to blogging this weekend, and apologize. We had a very busy weekend of running errands and doing other assorted things, and here it is Monday afternoon again. Brenna is almost five months old already, which also doesn't seem possible, and in a few months I'll be 33... I think... yes, 33, doing the math is getting more difficult with every passing year.

Before I delve into the Brenna photo library, let me quickly mention that I'm going to be posting some new yard pictures on the Hoes site. We're supposed to stay in the low 80s this week, approaching 90 by the weekend, so the yard is quickly waking up from it's brief winter slumber.

I also have some pictures of the Rose Garden at the Birmingham Botanical Garden that Emily and I took when we were there a few years ago, and that seems like an appropriate thing to post with Spring approaching (well, for some people).

On another random note, it looks like I'll be going to Hawaii (Oahu) for work sometime between April and June, certainly not a bad place to go if I have to be away from home, although after seeing these pictures below, you'll certainly see why I'm torn. Probably best if you pace yourself as you wade through these.

The first three pictures are of Brenna in her Jumperoo recently. I need to use my old Canon camera and slow down the shutter speed to give the blurred effect of her jumping through the ceiling of our house, but alas time is short and I don't have any film right now. Damn these digital cameras, you almost can't take a bad picture with them.

Caught in the act here of doing something nefarious.

Brenna enjoys pulling herself around in her captain's chair to look at all the bells and whistles on this contraption, I had to sneak up on her here for this (ahem) candid shot.

Next, we'll play a game called "Hey, Brenna, what's that on your shirt", and no, I'm not referring to puke, although I apologize in advance if there are any signs of spittle in any of these pictures. As you can imagine, that's a big part of our lives these days.

I'll give you a hint, the front of the shirt has a quote from a recent Will Ferrell movie.

Here's chance #2. By the way, Brenna is showing off her new cloth diapers that Mommy thinks will make life easier for all of us, nice cost savings! We love that frugal Mommy, more money for Daddy's plants!

Here Brenna reenacts a scene from her new favorite movie Talledega Nights. If you guessed right, congrats, we'll send you some spittle in the mail as your prize... grrrr. Mom seems to be enjoying this a little toooo much.

Finally a couple of candid shots of Breena chewing on the wrong side of her binkie. These pictures are sponsored by Voivod, the greatest heavy metal band to come out of Canada since the beginning of time. One of these days when we ever get back to Seattle where Emily's tattoo artist resides, I'm going to get the logo from the back of this shirt put on my back somewhere. Intrigued? Hmm, you should be. And I can safely say I'm ready for a tattoo, being 1500 miles away from the needle.

I also have a few pictures of Brenna at Church from this past weekend, but how many pictures do we need in one post? I'm afraid this post alone might crash the blog site : )

And besides, you still have the Hoes site to check out (wink wink nod nod).


Darrick & Melanie said...

That T-shirt is awesome! Where did you guys get it?

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