Thursday, March 22, 2007

Aaargh!! Last Post Before Vegas

We're going to a family wedding in Las Vegas this weekend, so this will be your last Brenna fix until after the weekend.

Below Brenna is sporting an outfit we bought for her while at Disneyland last summer when she was still cooking in the belly. It's amazing seeing her wearing this already. She's doing very well sitting up on her own, with minimal assistance!

BTW - We're finally getting some rain, if you're curious to see what that looks like in the desert, I'll be posting a short video from out the front door from earlier this afternoon. It's been raining hard most of the night, and like last year, we've gone from no rain for a long period to lots of rain all at once. Check out the Hoes blog for that video!

1 comment:

Darrick & Melanie said...

That is the best outfit ever. Love it. In the second picture, Tom, you look like a magician who just produced a baby out of thin air. Presto chango!