Monday, March 26, 2007

100th Post!

Below this post you'll find a recap of Brenna's trip to Las Vegas this past weekend. I wanted to mention that I'll be posting some springtime pictures from the yard on the Hoes blog in the next day. We had another half inch of rain (at least, no telling how much evaporated out of the gauge from Saturday morning until Sunday night), so things are starting to grow pretty wild out there.

Since I've pulled my Metal School blog (like the Dreams blog, how much can one person keep up with), I wanted to briefly relay a funny conversation I overheard while at a used CD store this afternoon. These two guys in their 40s, maybe 50s were looking for CDs of their favorite heavy metal bands, one wearing an Iron Maiden hat and the other a KISS shirt.

In short, they looked like the white version of Cheech and Chong, burnt out stoners. At any rate, the conversation went as follows (feel free to insert expletives where necessary, I'll leave those to your imagination):

"Hey man, they don't have any Motorhead CDs."
"But look, they've got Poison, your favorite." (both of them laugh at this, metal-heads don't listen to Poison and other cream-puff hair bands)
"Hey, they also have some Skid Row CDs."
(silence from the other guy)
"What, you LIKE Skid Row?"
"Yeah man, I saw them open for Bon Jovi in 1989 during the Slippery When Wet Tour."
(more silence)
"You saw Bon Jovi in concert???"
"Yeah man, what's wrong with that?"
(yet more silence)
"Well, I don't know man, I just thought you were cool, that's all"

Anyway, this conversation went on for a while, I thought it was pretty funny, perhaps you will too.

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