Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two More

Here are the final two videos of Brenna's birthday party. In these she's enjoying her play kitchen that Grandma and Grandpa H got her. In the second video she counts to 12 (while partially drowned out by her enthusiastic cousin, Rachel).

This ends the flurry of new Brenna posts, I don't have any recent photos to upload, but will come up with something if need be.

With our weather cooling off (albeit temporarily), I've gotten back on the treadmill again. Yesterday I walked three miles and ran two and a half. I'm working on getting up to running three miles on a regular basis, and probably could have stood to do it yesterday had I not walked for an hour beforehand. It's supposed to be in the mid 90s the rest of the week, so I expect the garage will be nasty again very soon.

I've also finished building the rest of the deck outside, and Emily and I are nearing completion of painting the built-in bookcases I installed last weekend. Painting is the next thing on the agenda, and having a garage sale to raise more money for our projects.

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